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First They Get Your Customer. Don’t Be Next.

“Know Your Customer” has taken on a whole new focus. The USA Patriot Act has raised the stakes, turning a good business practice into a risk management priority.
If your customer goes to jail for illegal financial activities, will you or your directors be the next ones in the crosshairs for helping them?

  • How are you going to show the regulators youre doing what it takes to comply?
  • How can you be sure your CTRs and SARs are filed correctly every time now that regulators are taking a zero-tolerance approach to errors?
  • How can you protect your bank, and your directors, from new, tougher penalties that range from jail time to fines that could seriously hurt your assets?

Use the proven solution 80% of the largest banks rely on.

More than 50% of all Currency Transaction Reports are filed using the same proven solution COMPLY/CTR™ from Atchley Systems, Inc. These same large banks, and more than 300 smaller ones, also use other ASI Anti-Money Laundering Solution modules.

In fact, overall more than 66% of the AML software used by members of the banking industry is Atchley Systems software. Now these proven solutions, recognized by the regulators after years of successful audits, is available to your bank as an outsourced service. ASIs AML Solution lets you pick and choose what you need:


We make a complex, time consuming burden easy for you.

ASI will keep the system completely current with the latest regulatory and
legislative changes, update the SEC exemption and bad guy files, and keep anti-money laundering system problems out of your hair so you can keep your focus where it belongs on growing your bank. We even train your people to gather the right information!

These solutions have met, and even surpassed, regulatory expectations since 1986. In fact, Atchley is recognized as the industry leader in the field of anti-money laundering processes and is often asked to consult with regulator staff members.

Dont risk one more customer slipping through your system.
Call (877) 630-9696 today.

You can trust the system that has been helping banks handle anti-money laundering requirements easily and efficiently since 1986. Find out how we can help you feel as
confident and secure as they do. Call us for more information at (877) 630-9696 today.


(Testimonial inset)

Weve used ASIs COMPLY/CTR for more than 10 years for our CTRs and our exemption account reporting. Weve been 100% satisfied with the software and with the support weve received. Now that the USA Patriot Act has spurred us to add KYC and wire transfer monitoring software, were sticking with a company we know we can rely on for a great product, specialized expertise, and excellent
long-term service.

Veronica Garza
First Vice President and BSA Officer
Laredo National Bank, Texas



(877) 630-9696