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Connect Your Existing Members to the Good Things in Life.


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“Loan Connection has helped us bring hundreds of members back into the credit union – members we probably would have lost. State National made it very easy for us to prequalify our members for the right offers, and the results have been tremendous. Our first effort far surpassed anything we tried before, and our members seem to really appreciate that our credit union came to them with the offer for credit. We are very pleased.”

Jim Hawk

St. Louis Postal Credit Union


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Personalize this letter to target prospect at a Credit Union

Dear Mr. Prospect:

How do you make your connection with your members stronger? The best way is to help them get the things they want.

After all, why should they be paying banks or finance companies for high-cost loans when you can give them the money they need. They’d love to bring their business to their credit union, and you can probably save them money, too.

Loan Connection, from State National Companies, can help your members reconnect with your credit union by bringing those loans back to you.

Loan Connection is an easy, proven program that can make your credit union stronger in 3 key ways:

1. Make your connection with your members stronger

2. Safely grow your loan portfolio

3. Increase your lending operation’s return on investment by over 300%!

It’s Easy, Secure, and Proven to Get You Results

With Loan Connection, our experienced staff does all the work. We take your membership information and format it to run against a national credit bureau’s database for 5 criteria levels. Next, we apply your loan criteria to select the members who meet your credit standards and loan policies.

Then we give you the marketing information and materials to put the program to work and reach your members with the good news. And throughout the process, your membership information is kept completely secure and confidential.

You get the information and materials you need to turn your membership information into useable marketing information - so you can help your credit-worthy members get the things they want from you, not your high-priced competitors. Loan Connection gives you:

• A detailed mailing list

• Complete portfolio analysis, including graphs

• Loan offer letters to your prequalified loan candidates

You can make appropriate offers to members who have outstanding loans with other institutions, or have no current loans. Help them buy new cars, get a new home, make home improvements, refinance or consolidate other high-cost debt, and more.

Loan Connection lets you offer your members a real dollars-and-cents service, so they feel even better about their credit union. And it lets you safely and profitably grow your loan portfolio so you’ll have more resources to serve your members’ growing needs.

Discover a Guaranteed Way to Improve Your Credit Union’s Connection to Your Members - Call Us Today!

Let us show you how Loan Connection can bring lost loans - and even “lost” members - back to your credit union. So new loan business stays in your credit union family. Just return the enclosed card, or call us at (800) 877-4567.

We’ll visit with you at your convenience, and show you what other credit unions like yours have been able to accomplish with Loan Connection. There’s no obligation, but we think you and your members will like what they see.

Let us help you start generating more loans and strengthen your connection to your members, now. Just use the card or call us today.

Kindest Regards,

Trace Ledbetter

Vice President

PS. Help your credit union grow within your current membership base. Loan Connection will strengthen your ties to your members and help you generate more resources to meet your members growing needs. For more information, call (800) 877-4567 today!



Strengthen Your Members Ties to Your Credit Union with Loan Connection!

Win back the loans your members have with your competitors! With Loan Connection you’ll find all your “lost” loan business, and have the chance to bring your members’ business back to your credit union -

• Auto loans • Home equity loans

• Mortgage loans • Seasonal loans

• Home improvement loans • Consolidation loans

Loan Connection lets you connect your members to the good things in life. Whether you save them money by refinancing a loan they have with a competitor, or you give them the money for something new, Loan Connection lets you make the right offer at the right time.

Loan Connection Gets You Proven Results

Loan Connection works for credit unions of all sizes. And while it helps you keep your current members and make your relationship with them stronger, it also helps you make your lending operation more productive and profitable. So you have more resources to meet your members growing needs.

Find out more about how Loan Connection can help you do more for your members. Call (800) 877-4567 today!


Loan Connection Will Bring More Loan Business to Your Credit Union!

CU #1 CU #2 CU #3

Asset Size $99 million $108 million $153 million

Loans Generated $238,081 $190,657 $1,594,818

Avg Interest Rate 8.57% 7.75 7.9%

Program Cost $6,116.50 $1,969 $10,585

Return on Investment 473% 1,062% 1,685%

Everyone Loves to Get a Check in the Mail

Loan Connection lets your credit union be the bearer of good news – pre-approved credit for the things your members want.

We run your membership information against a national credit bureau database to find out what loans your members have with your competitors. Then we qualify your members for pre-approval of credit from you, based on your loan standards and policies. You decide what to offer, and who to offer it to, based on solid information.

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Loan Connection can help you anticipate your members’ credit needs. They bring you their loan business, instead of giving it to your competitors. Now you have a stronger relationship and your credit union takes its place as their primary financial institution.

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Connect Your Members With the Things They Want

Loan Connection lets your members feel good about your credit union. The reports and analysis make it easy to target customized offers that make your members feel you really know them and understand their needs.

For example:

• Send members with current vehicle loans an offer to refinance

• Identify members who don’t have current vehicle loans and make them a new vehicle offer

• Help members with lots of outstanding debt to consolidate their high-cost loans and make just one affordable payment each month

• Make seasonal loan offers to requalified members for holidays, vacations, and more

• Offer your members home improvement or home equity loans based on the amount of equity they have

Loan Connection gives you the marketing information you need to do all this, and more. Plus, you can see how well your current loan programs are working and how much business you’ve lost to other institutions. Wouldn’t your members like to get a check in the mail from you? With Loan Connection they will, and we do the work.

Reconnect With Your Members...Safely Grow Your Loan Portfolio...Have More Resources to Meet Your Members’ Growing Needs.

Call us today for more information on how Loan Connection can help you do all this. It’s easy and affordable, and it’s proven to get you results.

Loan Connection is part of State National Companies’ family of programs for credit unions. State National has been providing collateral protection programs, loan generation programs, and more to the financial services industry since 1972. Our clients tell us we deliver an outstanding level of service, and our customized programs get you the results you want.

Find out what Loan Connection can do for your credit union. Call (800) 877-4567 today.

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